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We lost 14 pounds in 14 hours!

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NEWS FLASH: Less than one day old, Jillian Estelle Mann Gillman was ready for prime time! Star of a Channel 6 News broadcast, Jillian appeared with her parents, Susan Mann and Jackson Gillman, in the hospital room where she had emerged from a birthing tub about twenty hours earlier. Some were under the impression that the television segment was designed to promote breastfeeding awareness and Damariscotta's Miles Memorial Hospital as the only facility in Maine with a "Baby-Friendly Certification," and one of only seventeen in the whole country. But we know better. This was just the first step in what's sure to be Jillian Estelle's illustrious career. As one of only two babies at the health care facility at the time, the precocious ingenue has already demonstrated her perfect sense of timing. Rising Star Talent Agency will be handling the onslaught of future television and film offers that are sure to follow such a stellar debut. Address any correspondence to the CEO (Chameleon Extraordinaire Officio) of this web site.


"And I, who have always wanted to gain ten pounds for the past couple of decades, have finally gained nearly that much sympathetically over the course of the pregnancy. Now I have to start running again to make sure it stays well proportioned..."
And now for the specs: Jillian Estelle Mann Gillman was born on Tuesday 5/9/2000, 2:19 pm, in a birthing tub at Miles Health Care, Damariscotta Maine, after about 14 hours of labor. The 20-inch-long lass weighed in at 7 lbs, 2 oz, and was delivered with no medication or tears. Although all babies supposedly start with blue eyes, Jillian's blue-eyed parents are assured that her peepers will stay that way. Her hair color, however,--brunette in the back, blond in the front, with hints of red highlights--still has everyone guessing, as well as who she most resembles.

The little one took to nursing right away and both mother and daughter are very healthy and happy. Other than periodically welling up with tears of joy, father is also holding up okay.

Love and best wishes to you and yours,

the proud papa chameleon



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