2007 Schedule

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The new millennium brought an even wider range of work for me than usual. As well as the normal school assemblies, libraries, recreation departments, folk/comedy venues and religious groups there were:
  • Speaking parts in two movies, one TV commercial and one radio commercial.
  • Residencies as "Rudyard Kipling" in his historic Vermont home.
  • Featured performer at Festivals in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New York, Georgia, and Utah..

Corporate/Conference engagements for:

  • Independent Computer Consultants Association
  • March of Dimes
  • Speech/Language/Hearing Association
  • Maine Resource Recovery Association
  • Legal Secretaries
  • Maine Health Department
  • Childrens Disability Services
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Women-Infant-Children Nutrition Program

Weekly summer shows on Mount Desert Island:

  • "Jackson's Top Ten" revue of 10 family programs from a decade at Acadia Repertory Theatre.
  • "Nature In Action" at the College of the Atlantic Natural History Museum.
  • "A Dad's Eye View" - stages of parenting from "a twinkle in the eye" to baby's first steps

And my best gig ever -- supporting role in the fathering of our firstborn!

The following are some of the groups for which I'll be performing in the coming months. Public shows have a phone contact listed and it's always a good idea to call ahead as events are subject to change. Also, feel free to e-mail me if you are interested in attending any of the other presentations. Often, my performances are for private groups or functions, but whenever possible, I'll make arrangements for you to see a performance if you are considering a program. One live show is worth more than any of words and how I get the vast majority of my work.


January 2007
January 6, 2007 Amherst MA, private birthday party
January 7 - 12, 2007 Amherst MA Performers Retreat, one public show on 1/10 evening, 413-549-3722
January 19, 2007 Gilmarton NH School assembly, Nature in Action, Story & Song
January 31, 2007 Holyoke MA, Sullivan School, Winter Reading Extravaganza /
Bookswap, 6 pm
February 2007

2/2 -2/5 Brattleboro VT
Flash! A Mid-Winter Weekend Scheme:
"Springboards for Stories" workshop with Jackson Gillman in one of New England's most inspiring settings: Kipling's Brattleboro VT home, "Naulakha" ("jewel without price")

Currently, there is room for one or two more participants.

Over the past 25 years, I have presented workshops annually at Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, rotating 8 different ones. This past year I offered a new one called Springboards for Stories, the intent of which is to generate new repertoire by doing some exploratory mining of personal experiences, and consider ways to refine, polish and share those nuggets. The idea of "listener as co-creator" and peer coaching is also promoted as part of this workshop. I was pleased that all 40 participants from the conference workshop came way with brand new personal story ideas to work on.

The concept continues to excite me and I am offering a long weekend for 5-7 people who'd like to dive into some new material with a communal spirit, and opportunities for group critique and personal coaching. Just being at "Naulakha" is inspiring but coupled with collective synergy, I am certain attendees will be sparking away and come away enriched. Three nights elegant lodging, four days, one catered meal/day plus breakfast fixings, communal zeal and inspiration, all for $500. More details available by emailing

If you'd like a sneak preview of the property, you can check the photo gallery on and see where you too can play pool on the same table as Ruddy and his buddy Sir Arthur Conan Doyle!

February 8 - a one day version of the above workshop will also be offered which can accommodate a larger number. This day would include morning snack, lunch and dinner. Overnight lodging is possible; without, the fee would be $100 (possibly less depending on #s).
February 11, Holyoke MA, Parks & Rec Winter Sunday Series, 12:30 sign language workshop, 2:00 "Harlequin" show, 413-322-5620
February 12, Woburn MA, Turtle Fun Preschool, 10:00 am
February 22, E Hartford CT Community Cultural Center, Entertainment showcase, 9-3:30m, 860-721-0384
March 2007
March 7, Marlborough MA, PTO Expo/Showcase, 9 - 3:30,
March 23, (tentative) MetroWest Library showcase
March 24, (tentative) Amherst MA, Children's Music Network regional gathering
March 28, Franklin NH, Tea & Tales, 7 pm, TRIP Center, 20 Canal St, 603-735-5965,
March 29 Center Sandwich NH, Corner House Inn, 6:30 dinner/show, 603-284-6219
March 30 - April 1, Nashua NH, Sharing the Fire Storytelling Conference, workshop and coaching and Closer,
April 2007
April 14, Dracut MA Harmony Hall, 1660 Lakeview Ave, 7:00 pm, $6/$5, (978) 454-8636
April 24-26, semi-annual Rudyard-in-Residence at Kipling's historic home in Dummerston VT
May 2007
May 5, Fairfield CT Earth Day, details tba
May 17, (tentative) Meredith NH, NH Dental Society Foundation, fundraiser banquet
June 2007
June 7, Peterborough NH, RiverMead Retirement Community, "Disorderly Conduct" 7:30 pm
June 9, Putney VT, Putney School Alumni dinner emcee/performer
August 2007
August 14, New Haven CT, So CT State University, guest storytelling teacher at
summer institute
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You can take home some of Jackson's memorable characters with audio and video performances available for purchase.

THINKING ABOUT HIRING JACKSON? Ten-minute promotional video samplers are available on request for people wanting to preview Jackson for a business event. (Click here for background information on Jackson.)

Rudyard Kipling's "Just So" -- Videotape
Rudyard Kipling, who loved to have fun with the English language, wrote his famous "Just So" stories for his "best beloved," his children. Ever since, these stories have been loved by generations of children and adults alike. In this series, Jackson re-tells the stories exactly as they were written and in a performance style that Mr. Kipling himself would love to hear and watch. Produced by Chip Taylor.

To order, contact Jackson by e-mail, or order on-line directly from Chip Taylor Communications, $25 plus shipping & handling, (one-time broadcast rights $99.99)

Downeast Ballads
by Ruth Moore and Others
Experience a memorable raft of characters from the Maine coast. Among others, there's Charley, who "sees some mighty strange things when is FUI (Fishing Under the Influence)," Old Randall, who everyone knew was "dumb as a hake," Sam, who thought he'd seen a German submarine, and Gray, who thought he'd seen his last. From "The Darker Side" of eerie fogs and loved ones lost at sea, to "The Lighter Side," a delightful compendium of spoken and sung ballads. Featuring the writing and musical talents of Ruth Moore, Gordon Bok, Benny Rehl, and others.

To order, contact Jackson by e-mail, $10 plus shipping & handling

Answering Machine Messages
If you've seen and heard Jackson's characters live, then you'll be sure to want one or more of his wacky alter egos to answer the phone while you're away. Greet incoming calls with Wolfman Jackson, comedic slices of favorite tv shows, or Shakespoof. Or, have Jackson create a special message just for you, your group or organization.

To order, contact Jackson by e-mail, $10 plus shipping & handling


This anthology includes the chapter, It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This, by Jackson Gillman, which shares his perspectives as a performing artist and family man. Featured is his humorous primer of "How to bring a sleeping child from car to bed without incident." Personalized copies are available directly from him for
$24.95 plus $1.05 shipping.

One of Jackson's many programs as a speaker/entertainer is "A Dad's Eye View." For anyone who has helped raise a child, he will have you laughing and sighing in recognition of the challenges and delights of child-rearing in this endearing
comedy/music revue.

"In his casual, extemporaneous-seeming style, Jackson captivated his audience with his new act. Interspersed throughout his engaging patter are songs Jackson has either written or collected to sing to his children or illuminate the parental condition. Very sweet, funny stuff, not to be missed. " - The Bar Harbor Times

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